Monday, March 28, 2011


So you may have noticed, but I have been making some tweaks on this blog as of late. The biggest thing I've wanted to change is the header. I loved my old one on a sentimental level, but it seemed a little messy. So I wanted to come up with a banner that was unique and me, but also pleasant to look at it. I am NOT in any way or shape or form a graphic designer. That is why I did not even try to attempt something graphic. I can get as far as making a college of pictures in Photoshop using the filters. So that is what I did, but I'm hoping this time it looks a little nicer and more professional.

So what I really need right now is feedback. Please, please, please, if you are one of the twelve people who read this blog (Hi mom!), let me know if you like the new banner. If you hate it feel free to tell me. Just know that I may cry and fart in your general direction.


Really though, be honest.

I'll try not to cry.

Or fart.

But I make no guarantees.


If Only She Had Applied Herself said...

I really LOVE the typewriter. I actually took TYPING class in high school. Rock on, Class of 1986. Cool pictures, too. :-)

Mimi Weaver said...

I love it! And I need you to come teach me how to make my blog look cool, too.

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