Saturday, March 5, 2011

Single Saturday.

Don't worry. This is not another "woe is me" Bridget Jones weepy type post. Today I had a quintessentially single Saturday. And it was lovely.


-Slept in (funny how "sleeping in" has now become 8:30, but still!)

-Caught up with a good friend over Starbucks, Libbie and Grove browsing, and Stuffie's.

-Went to the outlets for new workout clothes-left with a bag full of J. Crew. I literally cannot go to Williamsburg without making a significant donation to J. Crew corporation. I'm anticipating that they will put up a plaque with my name on it any day now. There were just too many sales and discounts on top of sales, and discounts on top of discounts. Plus with my training for the 10k (5 cardio work-outs a week plus two yoga classes baby), I've lost a pound or two, not much at all, probably nothing anyone else would notice, but still, there is no shopping better than  post-losing a couple of pounds shopping, or even just post-really good work out shopping. I could have tried on a bright orange plaid jumpsuit and I would have been tempted to buy it.

-Ate Ellwood Thompson's sushi for dinner, my favorite sushi in Richmond.

-Cleaned my room and did laundry! Okay so here is where you're probably going, oh so this is a depressing, weepy post, poor girl. But for how insanely, barely able to catch my breath busy I've been the last few weeks, a full evening devoted to laundry and vacuuming and clean sheets was absolute bliss, particularly when paired with wine and Sex and the City on E. Without a night like this my laundry would have piled up so dangerously high that my only clean clothes would have been semi-formal cocktail dresses and sweat pants. Not a cute combination.

-Caught up on email. Also a GOD SEND! I am constantly in a state of being behind on my email. And because I was raised as a good Catholic, I have irrational, all consuming, CRUSHING guilt over this. If you know me and are expecting an email from me, rest assured, I may not have replied, but I am so neurotic that I am literally sweating with anxiety and that ever present guilt over it. So tonight I sent some long overdue emails, some in response to some very, very nice responses to a review I just wrote. I think I've still been a little sub-consciously scarred over White Christmas-gate, so to get kind, generous, positive feedback from people, especially in the theater world, has meant a great deal to me. Writers are insecure and crazy. Giving us praise is like feeding raw meat to wild dogs. In other words, we go nuts over it.

-Caught up on some work. Also beautiful and necessary. I'm working on a piece right now about the bill that just went through the VA General Assembly that will require clinics performing 5 first trimester abortions per month to get regulated as hospitals. I cannot give much away about it, other than that calling the research and interviews I've done for it "work" is kind of a stretch. I love writing about things I care about. I care a great deal about this. So much in fact that I'm kind of terrified of actually getting the thing down on paper, because I know this I cannot screw up. It means too much. But anyways, I worked a little on it tonight, and I'm really excited, and well, stay tuned.

-Finished my Self magazine. Yes in addition, to reading O magazine, I now also read Self. I am so self-actualized and vision boarded and healthy diet planning and energized that I actually find myself incredibly obnoxious.

Anyways, thank you single Saturday. You were perfect :)

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