Thursday, March 31, 2011


Okay I know by this point you have probably already been passed along this video by seventeen friends, two aunts, and a fifth cousin twice removed. My point is everyone and their mom has seen it. I know, because I showed it to my mom.

But I still have to re-post, because IT. IS. THAT. AWESOME.

Here's how I imagine a little of their conversation goes:

"Dude! What happened to my sock?"

"Your sock? Why am I supposed to know where your sock is? Does it look like it is my sole duty in life to keep track of your socks. You probably ate it. Or stuck it underneath the tall person's bed."


"You are tiny and delusional. Where's the last place you saw it?"

"On my foot. See this foot, this foot I am raising in the air."

"Maybe it's in the ceramic bowl of drinking water? I myself find that a great place to store things. I found one of the tall people's shiny toys that beeps and stuck it in there just this morning."

(Gleefully laughing) "I love doing that. The tall people get red in the face and start babbling in their incomprehensible language. By the way, don't look now, but one of the tall people is standing right over there, pointing one of her toys at us."


"I told you not to look you imbecile!"

"I still think you stole my sock."

"I can't talk to you. I am going to wave my hand back in the air, because I am so frustrated there is nothing else I can do."

"I just pooped."

"Awesome. Let's go smear it on the tall person's pillows."

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