Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I've been writing a series for about my 10k training. It's late and this has been an exhausting three days, so I have nothing else to add except links to the 4 articles I've written.

Oh, and the 10k is this Saturday (eek!), so this is really a cliff-hanger. Think of it as one of those old-timey novels that came out in installments, and every week a baby was about to be eaten by a hyena or grandma dangled off of a cliff (hence the origin of the phrase "cliff-hanger"-sorry, English nerd moment). My cliffhanger is nowhere near as exciting (I did think about working in a baby/hyena scenario but surprisingly it didn't really fit), but still, there is suspense!

My Road to Monument: Part One

My Road to Monument Avenue: Part Two

My Road to Monument Avenue: Part Three

My Road to Monument Avenue: Part Four

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