Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I could be:

-doing my Nutrition homework
-studying for my Anatomy exam on Friday
-doing my Psychology homework
-doing my Ethics homework
-taking a Biology quiz
-doing freelance work
-working on my Nutrition diet project plan
-reading Nursing articles 
-working on my Nursing annotated bibliography

I could be doing all of these things, and for about an hour I stressed out about the fact that I was not doing any of them. And then I took a deep breath,

-and realized that it's late, I'm tired, and I had a long day wherein I wrote two articles, went to an hour and a half of literally butt kicking physical therapy, babysat, and kicked my butt yet again at the gym (ps sorry butt, love Liz). We ask a lot of ourselves. I know I ask a lot of myself. But sometimes,

it's better to stop asking. For at least the rest of tonight, I'm asking


of myself.

And it feels like coming up for air.

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