Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy things.

Two words: finals week.


Aka I don't remember what sunlight feels like.

Aka in attempting to find new and more creative ways to procrastinate I just figured out what a gif is (now I can talk to these kids today!)

But I just had to pop in to share a few short things.

This ridiculously adorable baby is my new nephew. He was born on Saturday evening. I haven't been able to meet him yet (stupid finals), but I already love him more than life. He's perfect and I cannot wait to hold him and snuggle him. Being an aunt to my niece has been pretty wonderful. And I am so stoked to do be able to do it times two now.

So I maybe get a little excited about Christmas. I am moving out of this apartment in a couple of weeks but that has not stopped me from at least what I consider to be the bare minimum of acceptable holiday decorating. I saw this tree at Kroger and it instantly Charlie Browned me. I think any child who grew up watching that movie cannot see a sad, pathetic little Christmas tree and not immediately want to rescue it and love it. This little tree/fern was covered in glitter. Which somehow made the situation  even sadder. And so I scooped him up, took him home, and now he is mine and I will love him forever. Or at least until December 26.

Due to time constraints I couldn't get all that creative or fancy. But as far as I'm concerned white lights make everything better and more festive. 

Um, so going to see these guys in February in Fairfax. No big deal. Not like this band hasn't been number one on my live acts I have to see immediately or I will explode list for the last couple of years. Excuse me while I go do a happy dance. 

That's all I can squeeze in for now. Will be studying or taking an exam for the next 72 hours. And then I will be doing lots more happy dancing.

Only plus alcohol. 

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