Tuesday, November 18, 2008

new harry potter trailer!

Um, I could not be more excited about the latest movie installment of the Harry Potter series! And of course it doesn't come out until next spring, even though it was supposed to come out this weekend. But I can sustain myself at least for a little while by dissecting this trailer. Despite the fact that no one of the Harry Potters movies has even come close to matching my expectations (the 3rd and 5th get lots of points for effort though), every time a Harry Potter preview comes out I find myself hoping that somehow it will match the spirit and essence of the books I so dearly love. My perfect Harry Potter movie would not be a literal translation of course (for one it's impossible and also movie adaptations shouldn't be literal translations, because literature and film are two completely distinct mediums). But it would be a film clearly written by someone who loved the books, someone who took the time to include tiny details not necessarily intrinsic to the plot and that only a devoted reader would pick up on (the 3rd and 5th managed to do that a handful of times and I love them for it). A perfect Harry Potter movie would have the same subtle wit and subversion that JK Rowling's voice bursts with. It would be funny, but always carry an undercurrent of sadness. Because, really, if you think about it, Harry Potter books are always a little bit (and sometimes a great deal) sad ( as most great books are). A perfect Harry Potter movie would exude warmth and weirdness in equal parts. It would be timely (the 6th book in the series in particular is a brilliant commentary on our modern world of terror and counter-terror, and how sometimes both sides can do equally senseless and immoral things), but also absolutely timeless. A perfect Harry Potter movie would take these vivid, wonderful, absolutely endearing characters, put them on the screen and make us fall in love with them all over again in their new incarnations. A perect Harry Potter movie would be something, and I came to the acceptance a while ago that it would be something I'd probably never see. But hey, there are two more movies left. So for now I'll watch the preview for the Half Blood Prince (seen above) and get my hopes up all over again.

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