Thursday, November 6, 2008

girl crush

So I now have a huge girl crush on Rachel Maddow, which is kind of inappropriate because she is a lesbian and I'm well, not. But she is officially at the top of my "If I were a lesbian I would totally date this person" list. I'd sort of heard that she was the rare cable news host who was actually engaging and funny, but until last night I hadn't seen it in person. But after two nights of watching her show on MSNBC, well I'm completely smitten. She's that awesome friend you wish you had who is smarter than everyone in the room, but who never makes you feel dumb for not having also been a Rhodes scholar. She's the gal pal who would give you an informed explanation of Ukrainian politics one second and then would totally crack stupid jokes the next. She's a broadcast journalist who is knowledgable, incredibly articulate,  and absolutely polite to her guests. That's a rarity and that alone will make me continue to watch her show. She's like the love child of Jon Stewart and Anderson Cooper (which now that I write that is a really weird pairing and I kind of wish I didn't conjure up that mental image). She talks about serious news in an informed way, while never taking herself too seriously. She's a journalist who knows the value of a good wink now and then. And yes, I know, I'm gushing. Like I said she is my new girl crush (sorry Tina Fey) and I kind of want to be her best friend.

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Scarlett said...

love child analogy is pretty darn good, giggles.

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