Thursday, November 13, 2008

and tonight I am thankful for:

To continue my Thanksgiving themed recitation of little (and sometimes big) things I am thankful for:

1) For Brandon Flowers and The Killers. I just heard the new single, "Spaceman" (you can hear it in the video above), and well it's just completely and utterly cool. Which really is what The Killers are. They're maybe not the buzziest band anymore, but they continue to adapt and to change their musical style, while never losing their trademark sound. Which is rare in this current music atmosphere. I mean how many other bands could go from Hot Fuss to Sam's Town to their newest very electronica-pop single from their yet to be released third album? Most bands would dream of that kind of range. Heck, most bands would dream of being able to write one song as good as "Mr. Brightside". Basically, I love this band, and I adored the underated Sam's Town album. It wasn't, as some so hastily declared, a Bruce Springsteen ripoff; it was an ode, an homage, a riff, a modern take on the kind of Americana sound that has always been a part of our musical landscape. And they go from that to a song like "Spaceman" which is both a radical departure and completely in keeping with the overall sound of this band. Mark my words, The Killers will be around for a long, long time. They do what only a handful of other bands can do, create songs that are fresh and strange and new, and still quietly timeless. 

The New York Magazine website. It has become one of the websites I have to visit at least once a day. Because where else can you find an informed and thoughtful piece on the President-Elect's cabinet choices side by side with an equally informed and equally thoughtful dissection of the latest episode of Gossip Girl. It seems like there's either SERIOUS journalism or frivilous entertainment news, but not a lot of middle ground in the media world. So I love a magazine like this one that can be be both very serious and very frivolous and be damned proud of both traits. has a definite case of multiple personality disorder and it's awesome. It's my new one stop shop for all things fashion, food, gossip, politics, art and entertainment. Bonus points: it almost always makes me laugh.

3) The sound of the rain outside, the fact that in mid-Novermber it's warm enough in Charleston to have my window open at night, very funny episodes of The Office and 30 Rock tonight, my new favorite go-to dinner tuna steaks, and sugar free Fudgesicles (they satisfy my chocolate craving without forcing me to cheat on South Beach)

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