Saturday, November 8, 2008

sooo excited about this!

How stunning does the new movie "Australia" look? I've seen this trailer on tv a bunch of times, but
every time it comes on I resist the urge to flip and instead find myself watching it again. I'm sort of a 
sucker for lush period dramas about star crossed lovers set during times of war (see Atonement, 
Gone with the Wind, etc). But this one I'm even more super excited about because it's directed by 
Baz Lurman (sp?), the same guy who did Moulin Rouge. If there's anyone who can take a well told
love story and make it look completely new then it's this man. Every frame of Moulin Rouge is alive 
with color and strange beauty, and judging by this preview, Australia looks to be the same way.Other 
reasons I will definitely be in line when this comes out: Hello, Hugh Jackman without a shirt on? Also
I can't wait to see Nicole Kidman's costumes on the big screen, from the fancy, feminine dressy
ones she wears at the beginning (the navy coat with a white skirt and the hat with the black ribbon 
plus a parasol!) to the more relaxed, masculine ones (khaki button down and leather gloves). My 
favorite look on the planet is the sort of "Out of Africa", Western woman in an exotic land, pre-WWI 
one. Also I love WWII books and movies and the one part of WWII I know absolutely nothing about is
Australia's involvement, so my history geek self is really excited to learn about that, albeit in a very
entertaining, shirtless Hugh Jackman kind of way. So yeah I'm just really looking forward to seeing
this film, because it looks completely gorgeous (all of those shots of running horses and wide
open Australian landscapes), and again judging solely from the preview, it looks like it tells a really
compelling story.

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