Tuesday, September 21, 2010

oh how i love the theater

So in the last two weeks I've suddenly found myself a theater critic. I know! Who would have thought? But it's actually been really fun and I've discovered a cool, vibrant part of Richmond I didn't really pay any attention to before. Plus I don't know if it will ever get old, striding cooly to the ticket office, notebook in hand, glancing to the side nonchantly, then looking to the ticket person, "I have two tickets under Richmond.com." Yes that's right, the PRESS. The press that I am a part of.

Although remove the "cooly" and the "nonchantly" parts of that. In reality it's me jumping up and down, waving my notebook in the air and mouthing, I AM A JOURNALIST! SQUEEEEE.

Plus who knew that all theaters had bars!? And the smaller, local ones you can bring your glass of wine (pinot grigio in my case obviously) with you to your seat. You can't even do that paying 100 dollars a ticket in New York. So I am loving my new freelance gig, even more than the time I got to write about cupcakes and use it as an excuse to eat 100 of them.

And if you're curious about some great theater in Richmond, here are three of my reviews:




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