Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday musings.

Went to see "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" at the Firehouse Theater on Thursday night. My review for will be posted on Monday. This may be the second most fun freelance assignment I've ever had (after my piece on cupcakes). First of all, opening night of a show at the Firehouse Theater apparently includes free drinks! Which could very well be a cheap ploy to butter/liquor up reviewers, but well I'm not above cheap ploys. And while I enjoyed my polite glass of wine, the four characters in the play got absolutely schnockered in brilliant, devastating, breathtakingly well-written fashion. My word can Edward Albee write some dialogue. Acerbic, lightning paced, witty, sad. This play is what would have happened to Don and Betty Draper if they stayed married for another twenty years-simmering resentment ready to go up in flames at any moment. Runs until October 2nd, and ddefinitely worth seeing if you live in Richmond.

I've been doing a little fall shopping (in my defense I pretty much missed the entire season of fall in 2009 because SE Asia does not have it and when I got home it was brutal, winter for the next six months), and I feel like everything I'm buying is gray, camel, or black. And well, I love the odd pop of color. I have a berry coat I'm obsessed with. But maybe this makes me plain or boring, but I really love gray and beige and nut and heather. It's comforting and comfortable, and it makes me want to stand by a bonfire cupping a mug of cocoa in my gloved hands. I am proudly declaring my love of neutral colors. If there's one thing I've learned in my years of fashion missteps, is that I do not have the fashion eye or taste required to be "trendy." For proof see the lovely ensemble I put together one summer trip to NYC after my senior year of high school-pink Uggs, short denim skirt, bright pink, bedazzled tank top and a denim coat-it was like the slutty version of the Canadian tuxedo and with PINK uggs! This is what happens when I try to be trendy. So I'm trying to find what I like and stick with it. And darn it I like beige!

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