Thursday, November 29, 2007

end of semester nostalgia

I am almost incapable of giving a professor a bad evaluation, like ridiculously so. I could rant and rave about a professor for three solid months, grind my teeth and pull my hair with frustration over assignments and grades and lectures. I could plot all of the ways I will tear him or her to pieces come the end of the semester. But inevitably, I get the sad little evaluation with its fill in circles and inane and repetitive questions, and I just...can't...bring myself to do it. I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that I get nostalgic over literally anything. I go on a day trip and by the end of the day I'm waxing sentimental on things that happened, oh I don't know, 8 hours earlier. So when it comes to a full semester, it's bound to happen. It could be one of the worst classes of my life, Calculus for example, but the last day comes, and suddenly I'm thinking fondly of those golden, early days of the semester, all of the time I've spent with logarithms, and really logarithms aren't that bad, in fact, i'm going to kind of miss logarithms. Honestly I don't know what's wrong with me. Plus thirteen years of Catholic school left me with a constant, crushing sense of guilt waiting to pounce at any moment. There's no quicker way for me to bring on that guilt than to give a professor a negative evaluation. I know that's not really the way guilt is supposed to work, but the thing with Catholic guilt is you don't really get to pick and choose. You're simply guilty about everything.

Also I will never stop being amused by the "hostile" option on the "how interested were you in taking this class" question. It's so inadvertently hilarious that a college evaluation is asking students if they were openly hostile to taking a class. I filled it in once for my Images and Issues of Contemporary Arts class, and it gave me an endless source of happiness.

Two more classes left and it's the end of my last fall semester in college. Although I'm still very happy to be living in the land of denial when it comes to such things. You should visit sometime. It's lovely.

Random Side Notes:

30Rock makes me giggle uncontrollably, and Tina Fey is sort of my hero, or maybe it's just her character Liz Lemon who I think is the one of the best female characters on television, ever. Either way she's awesome.

Annd one last thing. USA v Spain David Cup Final starts tomorrow! There's a distinct chance I'm sleeping in my Winston Salem Davis Cup Quarterfinal T-Shirt tonight. I'm not going to affirm or deny, just putting it out there.

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