Friday, January 30, 2009

Reasons #348,275 and 348,276 Why I Love Tennis

Because of matches like this.

And rivalries like this.

Sure it may seem like they're waxing a little too poetic in the above clip. It's a sport after all, just a game. But of one the many reasons I love tennis is because of just how difficult it is to remain detached or blase if you're a fan. It's an inherently poetic game, full of beauty and quiet grace. The guys might have big muscles and run real fast, but at the end of the day it can all come down to a flick of the wrist or the delicate positioning of feet. There's nothing brutal about tennis, no bodies colliding. Tennis is athletic movement as near art. And Mr. Nadal and Mr. Federer both know how to create a masterpiece. I couldn't be more excited for their final, and will willingly sacrifice sleep in order to watch another chapter in this extraordinary story of theirs.

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