Sunday, January 4, 2009

multitudes: my 2009 resolutions

For the last few years I've avoided New Years resolutions. I tend to blanch at any kind of set in stone, blanket statement directed at something as big and confusing as a life. Because in life, contradictions are inherent. You're going to be one person one day and a completely different person the next. And you shouldn't feel bad about that. I know from personal experience that one day I'm going to be a carb-free, yogacizing, accomplished, punctual, productive young woman and the next day I'm going to sit on my butt, scarf down McDonalds and not even bother to change out of pajamas. Because that's life. Which all leads to my original avoidance of resolutions, or at least the kind of strict, impossible resolutions that we tend to make for ourselves. But I do believe in self improvement. I believe in the challenge and necessity of it. So this year, I'm not going to resolve to do such and such a thing every day or be such and such a person all the time. I am however going to resolve, in my most transcendental fashion, to be as many of the following things as I want, in as many ways as I want. And that's going to mean contradicting myself, but well, that's just me.

""Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes." ~Walt Whitman

-take care of my body whether it means abstaining or indulging, dieting or splurging, eating a lot of green things or eating a lot of chocolate things, exercising or resting, whatever my body needs most in any given situtation-just listening a little more to me and tuning out a little more all of the noise
-read anything and everything, anytime and all the time
-go see movies in the theater and spend ridiculous amounts of money on ridiculously overpriced concessions
-go out for nice dinners and for cheap ones
-really breathe at least once a day-sounds like a given but trust me it's not
-write as much as humanly possible
-write fiction
-write in some kind of professional capacity
-find a way to go to the ocean as often as possible
-find a way to go to Charleston as often as possible
-eat things I've never tried
-do things I've never tried
-dance while not innebriated (this one might be tricky)
-dance while innebriated
-watch at much live tennis as I can
-play tennis
-eat chocolate without all the crushing guilt
-discover new music
-go to concerts
-go on day trips
-go on road trips
-use my passport at least once
-do things that scare me
-do things that terrify me
-set bugs free instead of squashing them
-bring my canvas bags to the grocery store instead of leaving them at home yet again
-cook new things
-cook Indian food
-try to make sushi
-eat less tuna (you know all that Mercury)
-eat more tuna (it's so yummy)
-take more pictures
-develop more pictures
-read books that are educational
-read books that are purely entertainment
-spend more time with family
-spend more time with friends
-sing when I'm alone
-sing around other people (sorry in advance!)
-spend more time in sweatpants
-spend more time in nice clothes
-be more honest
-be kinder to people I don't like
-be kinder to people I do like
-be kinder to myself

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