Monday, January 10, 2011


I've gone back and forth a million times about writing something about the shooting that took place in Arizona. I've stopped myself, again and again, because I didn't want to be political. I didn't want to be like all those ass hats on television the last few days, on both sides of the ideological spectrum, who only a few days later are already pointing fingers and calling names and talking and talking about everything about what is true and what is honest and that is that what happened is terrible and sad and always will be.

The only thing I want to say, to ask, is how this keeps happening? These mass shootings happen and for a few days it's all we talk about and we suggest solutions and promise change, but nothing ever does change. Enough time goes by that we forget, we get distracted, until the next violent massacre shocks us awake. But we don't stay awake long enough. We never do.

So maybe this time, please let us stay awake. Please let us try, all of us, in a million different tiny ways, in several huge ways, to change our country, to make these shootings what they should be, rare and unimaginable, instead of what they are becoming, common and routine.

A nine year old died on Sunday. Please let us stay awake for her.

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Susan said...

Yes. I think the only way is (snarky people usually attack right about now) be the change you wish to see in the world. Just by posting, well, you are being that change. I have been greatly disheartened by how many people have used this to shine up their agenda. But it is good to see voices for peace and tolerance among the noise, like seeds growing. Peace.

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