Wednesday, January 19, 2011

heat wave.

It was in the high 50s today. It may have even reached a whopping 60 degrees. So what perfect way to spend the night than eating samosas and chicken masala at Farouks for dinner followed by FROZEN YOGURT.

First I have to admit that this was my second trip to Sweet Frog today. As in second trip within a span of about eight hours. And you know the best part, I don't even feel remotely guilty. I kicked ass on my run today and sure those two trips to Sweet Frog probably made that run negligent in terms of calories burned, but it was almost 60 degrees! I'm high on the sweet, sweet taste of warm weather. And the sweet, sweet taste of frozen yogurt. After my second yogurt of the day I even strolled, STROLLED, in JANUARY. It's madness I know, but like I said I was delirious on above freezing weather. I wasn't the only one. Carytown was chock full of people smiling and walking and doing things other than shivering and huddling together for any kind of warmth.

And yes if it was October and it was this temperature, we'd all be ordering hot chocolate and donning puffer vests. But it's January. That's one of the reasons I love winter. It sounds silly but nothing makes you appreciate warmth like bitter, bitter cold.

Oh also of note, I found out definitively that I am not color blind today, as mandated by my nursing school. So that's kind of cool. Not that I really worried before, but who knows, all this time I could have been mixing up red and green. Maybe I had just had insanely good luck and managed to consistently run red lights my whole life and no one wanted to tell me because they thought I was deranged. But thanks to Patient First I know once and for all.

But here's the part I thought was kind of mean. I had to look at these six circles and within each circle was a number. If you can read the number it means you're not a color blind. So I got all five easy and then I get to the sixth circle and all I saw was crazy loops and dots. And a part of me was like, well shit. Maybe I am a little color blind. I am going to be banned from nursing. So I start to sweat and stammer and finally just shout out 31! Even though what I was looking at had nothing even remotely resembling a 3 or 1. The lady giving the test just smiled kindly and marked me as a pass, albeit a pass who only got 5 out of 6 right.

Only later after talking to my friend who took the same test did I figure out it's a TRICK. That sixth circle isn't supposed to be a real number. So me panicking and shouting out 31 was completely unnecessary. It's like at the eye doctor when I get so stressed out about picking between lens 1 and 2 that I usually make my eye doctor show me each one ten times before meekly saying "pass?"

So that was my day. I ate frozen yogurt twice and I'm not color blind.

Overall I'd call it a win :)

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