Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cool stuff.

1) The Australian Open is on! To anyone who's not a tennis fan that's probably a big "meh", but for me it's super fantastic. The last grand slam was waaay back in early September so there's been a long drought. And there's really nothing like grand slam tennis, even when it's all the way in Australia and I have to get way less sleep than usual for 2 weeks because I'm up to all crazy hours of the night watching matches. I mean how could you not love this sport when things happen like all the top players getting together the day before the start of a major tournament to act goofy and like enormous dorks? Can you picture the Eagles and the Patriots (that's a rivalry right?) frolicking around a stadium, all jovial spirits and silly fun the day before the Super Bowl? If so I may have to start watching football.

2. My team won second place at trivia last night. That came with 35 dollars and untold amounts of my personal dignity restored after coming in somewhere between 11th and last the last 76 times I've gone to that trivia. There was a round devoted exclusively to The Office. I basically could reenact the majority of Office episodes completely from memory. When I lived in Paris and in Thailand, I watched my DVD seasons of the Office pretty much on repeat. When you think about it, it's a very quintessentially American show and it always helped with any homesickness. Regardless that obsessive and some might say crazy habit finally paid off! Thank you television.

3. I signed up for the April Monument Avenue 10k. I will be chronicling my training (Rocky style of course, I need to find me some good, dramatic outdoor stairs) on Richmond.com starting next month, but here's a little taste. You could not find a person built WORSE for running than me. I should not even be able to walk quite frankly. I used to think it was really cool that my feet could turn in at crazy angles, but really it just means I am a giant freak of nature with floppy joints and different length legs and a hip that pops out of its socket constantly, necessitating that I do an awkward and in no way sexy hip swivel until it pops back in. Intrigued? You should be. Because all of that sexiness will be flailing its way down Monument Avenue in April. People should really be paying me for the intrinsic entertainment value.

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