Tuesday, January 11, 2011

thank you jon stewart

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I thought this was beautiful and wonderful and so, so human. As Monday night at eleven approached I realized I was waiting for this, to turn on the Daily Show and listen to what Jon Stewart had to say. Yes I'm a liberal and yes I know a lot of conservatives hate him, but the main reason I love the Daily Show isn't for when he mocks Republicans or Fox News or expounds on the ideological issues I share beliefs in. The main reason I love the Daily Show is because whenever the world falls apart, it's the only thing that makes me feel better. And so whenever the world does fall apart, as seemingly happens more and more often, I wait for that next Daily Show. I wait to turn on my TV with a heavy heart and a mind bogged down in anxiety and sadness and confusion only to watch something that makes me feel like it can all be okay again, like the world can and will be put together, if only by the power of shared human decency, if only because of a belief that reason and humor will always exist, even on our darkest of days.

And my God doesn't it feel good to laugh, even if it's just at the silly visual sight gag of Jon Oliver in panda pajamas. Doesn't it feel good to turn on the TV to a show about current events and instead of weeping, laugh?

Thank you Jon Stewart. Thank you for taking the impossible and talking through it until it some slight shred of hope and optimism reveals itself.

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