Wednesday, September 24, 2008

bday list!

Okay so I may have stolen this idea from another blog, but I thought it sounded like too much fun to pass up. That, and making up a list of things I want for my birthday somewhat helps to stave off my need to shop for myself. And shopping for myself is something that has grown increasingly difficult as my wallet and bank account have shrunken. Sure, there's more than three weeks until my actual birthday (Oct. 17th in case you forgot!) but this way you have plenty of time to shop :) Or more likely it just means I can look at this list everytime I get that online shopping itch. So here it is, in all of its glory, my (part fantasy-that is unless you're fabulously wealthy and have just been waiting and waiting for someone to give you a reason to shed a little of that cash) birthday wish-list. 

1) New Wine Glasses-if you know me then you know I have somewhat of a problem with breaking things, and my formally robust wine glass collection has dwindled to a grand total of two wine glasses. And instead of getting boring old wine glasses, I thought why not invest in some really, really pretty ones, like this one.

2) Big Cereal Bowls. I love giant bowls. That may sounds weird but I've never really gotten the point of dainty little bowls. When I eat ceareal I want to eat a giant bowl of cereal (ditto for ice cream, pasta, pretty much everything). So portion control be damned! I would love something like this (these ones are from Sur La Table, but really I just love giant, colorful bowls, regardless of their origin).

3) To feed my TV on DVD addiction, I would love Gossip Girl Season One or American Dreams Season One or Alias Season One or many, many others of course.

4)Under the fantasy category I'd like to file this gorgeous Coach Wallet-I would do terrible things to get this wallet in fact. It's a classic (the shape, the leather, the detailing) but still comes in a fun color like Berry which keeps it fresh and young. I am in love.

5) And yet again under the fantasy category-these perfect Marc by Marc Jacob pumps-I feel like if I had these I would live in them. if being the operative word there.

6) I am surrounded by prints from my India trip with nowhere to put them. So frames are high on my list (in particular frames that would fit 5X7 and 8X10 photos). These Laquer Wood Gallery Frames from Pottery Barn are particularly lovely.

7) I have struggled my entire life with jewelry, for two reasons 1) i lose everything 2) i'm not a big necklace or bracelet girl. I love earrings and rings and I tend to go for classic looking pieces or more quirky, costume stuff. Examples.

Quirky Costume: Desert Flora Ring from J. Crew
8) A PUPPY! (okay so file this under the super fantasy category, but a girl can dream right?) And one day I will have a Corgi named Norman and he will look like this. 

For whatever reason I am convinced that if I have a cute enough desk calendar then my life will suddenly become organized. And yes, I live in a land of denial, but it is a realllly cute desk calendar.

10) A really great red lipstick. I'm almost 23. It's time I get over my fear of lipstick. So I might as well start my new lipstick life with the best right? NARS Lipstick in Flamenco, Manhunt or Virdiana. (I also have a hard time picking out the shade, so if you're so inclined, view all three of those and pick for me :)
11) To indulge my tennis sports geek self, I would love to own a copy of the Federer Nadal 2008 Wimbledon final. And wonder of our digital, DVD age-it is available-here.

So there it is, my bday list, or at least the list of things I would get in a fantasy universe. But fantasy or not, creating that list helped to stem my shopping craving, and now I'm pretty sure I can hold on till Oct. 17th. Annnd if you do happen to be so included to purchase one of those items on the list (although I do recognize that some of the items are a tad, ahem, pricey, when it comes to those of us not living off of trust funds), well then I'll just love you forever :)

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