Wednesday, February 20, 2008

oh life

Henry's on Market charged me 100 dollars for a non-existent bar tab (mine was only 7 dollars thank you very much, I like to have fun on a Saturday night but I usually don't drink 100 dollars worth of alcohol myself). My adviser avoids me like I'm the plague and as a result I have an F listed for my skirt! internship last semester which brings my GPA far below where it needs to be to graduate from the Honors College in May (although if I have to knock down every door at the College of Charleston or body slam some people I will get this fixed. And no I don't know why body-slamming would be necessary, nor have I ever done this before, but I'm just sayin'). So I should be cranky, grumpy, crabby, grouchy, every variation on the word pissy. And for a moment earlier this evening when I learned of these two things one after, I may have been. But I made a choice. I took some time away from my computer which seemed to be only the bringer of evil tidings. I poured myself a glass of Pinot. I got in a good dose of reality tv smorgashbord, America's Next Top Model premiere and the always entertaining Project Runway reunion (by the way I so called that there would be a Ricky crying montage, there would be no justice in the world had there not been). I took a deep breath, tested out my new camera and all of its super cool, fancy settings on kitten (Palmetto if you want to be formal but I've had a hard time calling something so tiny by a real name, it's like babies, for the first few months of their existence sure you can call them George or Patsy, but really when it comes right down to it, "baby" is the only thing that really fits). And then I remembered that in one day I will be in Richmond seeing my mom and brother. And in two days I will be reunited with some of my favorite people in the entire world and together we will see Will Ferrel and Demetri Martin in Chapel Hill. So really, how could I stay down, when such fabulousness awaits me. Life is good, even if people try to steal my money and give me failing grades for no reason. Life is good.

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