Tuesday, February 19, 2008

a request for positive energy

Something so profoundly unfair is happening to someone in my life that it must be some kind of cruel cosmic joke. Out of respect for this person I won't go into details. But I'd like to ask for prayers, positive energy, hope, anything to be sent out into the universe. I know this makes me sound like some new age, hippie dippie mama. But I'm not. I don't like horoscopes or astrology. I even balk at talk of fate. I'm fairly practical, not superstitious. I'll walk under ladders and break a mirror without flinching. But I believe in God. Not in one English speaking, beard wearing, man on a cloud necessarily. Not even God in a strictly Christian sense. Just one God, one force, greater than me, greater than all of this. I don't believe he makes people better with a flick of the wrist or with a nose twitch ala I Dream of Jeanie. I don't believe that bad people are the only ones who die, and that good people get all of their prayers answered. But I believe in hope. I believe that at the very least hope and prayer and good energy can make things easier or make people stronger, even if it can't fix the things we so desperately need to be fixed. So if you close your eyes and pray to God, Buddha or Allah, or simply some big, transcendental something, please send an extra prayer or bit of hope out there tonight.

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