Sunday, March 9, 2014

So this was a week.

See what I did there? I promised to blog more frequently and then I went MIA again immediately. In my defense, fairly soon after my last blog it felt like the bottom fell out from under my feet. Not to get too much into the details, but my grandmother passed away, only two months after my grandfather. The fact that I no longer have grandparents in San Antonio is something I'm not sure how to begin to process. I know losing grandparents is part of life. I know at 28 I was lucky to still have three at the beginning of this year. But I did not expect to quite suddenly lose two of these people, who have been solidly a part of my life's foundation, since its beginning.

So I'm dealing and coping, and of course in the midst of this I get my second round of stomach virus this year.

And in the midst of all this I still have RN orientation on my unit, which I absolutely love, but which is almost always a little bit heavy and sometimes shattering.

And so I'm coping. I look forward to this week ending. It was a royally crappy week.

But life goes on. I look forward, to so many things, to warmer weather, to a brief trip to Vegas later this month with the fiance (SO NEEDED RIGHT NOW), to silly things like food truck food courts and new restaurants and spin classes, and to more major things like a certain September wedding.

Life goes on. If my work has taught me anything it's perspective. In fact it has rammed perspective down my throat, again and again. I have perspective coming out of my ears.

So I get it. I get what is a tragedy and what is part of life's natural course. But still, I miss my grandparents.

Still, it goes. I look forward. I'm still here. And I will be back more frequently, with less heavy topics I promise. I need a little silliness and triviality to focus on for a while.

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