Monday, June 24, 2013


Unsurprisingly summer break has absolutely flown by and I cannot believe it's almost July. The last three and next five weeks are going to be crazy busy because I'm doing my nurse externship (full time shadowing an RN basically), continuing my tech job at VCU, continuing my freelance work with, and somewhere in there trying to have a life and do fun things (and you know, sleep).

Even though it's busy it's been really good. Some of the things that are making my summer happy right now.

-My externship. I cannot stress how physically and mentally tough this has been already (I have to be super vague thanks to my paralyzing fear of the HIPPA police), but in two weeks I've had my first experiences with "after care" (if you don't know what it is, just think about it for a while), physically combative patients, verbally combative patients, and so, so much poop (to be accurate these are by no means my first experiences with poop in the hospital, approximately 50% of nursing school is poop related). I've worked my first 13 hour shifts (they're techincally 12s, but not one of these have I actually been at the hospital less than 13 full hours). But it's also been wonderful and challenging and engaging. For the first time I get to really be the nurse (nursing students are about half nurse, half tech). And even though it's been so, so hard it's also been so, so rewarding, and I've feel like I've learned so much already and it's only two weeks in. Also my preceptor and all of the nurses on the unit are fabulous and incredibly welcoming and supportive. I was so anxious when I found out what type of unit I was going to be placed in for the summer, and now I couldn't be more thankful for it. 

-Wimbledon. My second favorite tennis tournament starts today (those night matches at the US Open tip it just slightly past Wimbledon), and even though I'm going to miss a lot of it, when I do have a day off my priority will be to soak up as much tennis as possible. I love Wimbledon, and it just exudes the feel of summer to me. It's like watermelon, tied inextricably in my sense memory to hot, humid days and fireflies and the smell of bug spray. Wimbledon was in the background of so many beach trips in my childhood, green grass on the television during rainy days stuck inside, watching Agassi and Sampras during lunch breaks from the beach, with wet hair and sand on my toes. I love it for the tennis, but I also love it for that perfect, undiluted feel of summer it carries.

(Also side note. I HATE how the media has thus far turned the focus of this epic, historical two week tennis tournament into a gossip fest about Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova. It's a cheap, tacky topic and it doesn't deserve to be the main headline here)

-Breaking Bad on Netflix. Holy shit you guys. I mean really. Holy shit. That is the only way I can think to describe this magnificent show. I watched the first season once upon a time and always pledged that I'd get caught up after I missed the next few seasons. I took my sweet time, but now that I am finally watching the entire series, I cannot believe I've lived the last few years without watching this show. I am prone to hyperbole yes, but I think this may be one of if not the greatest shows ever put on television. The writing, the acting, the way it's shot. It manages to be pitch black but still have this raw heart beat of humanity in every scene. You still hope desperately for these characters, even when they do horrendous things. It's just magical. And Aaron Paul as Jesse. I've never been more concerned or heartbroken over a fictional character as I am about Jesse Pinkman. 

-Looking forward to Belize in August. June and July this summer are all about work. August will be about a last few weeks of relaxation (with a little work) before school starts again. One of those weeks will be spent here:

Doing a whole lot of this:

Rob and I are going back to Belize for a week of sun, swimming, relaxing, plus lots of cerveza and ceviche. I think it's just right that my summer will be bookended by two Central American vacations, one full of backbreaking labor and volunteerism and one the polar opposite, all about taking it easy and relaxation. I love both types of these vacations, but after 8 weeks of lots and lots of hospital time, I think I'm going to be in desperate need of beautiful, sunny Belize. 

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