Saturday, April 7, 2012


So in between all the studying for my Pathopharm exam this weekend I've managed to do something I do very well-eat lots and lots of food. Even better the food this weekend has been particularly delicious, and exciting because I was able to try two new Richmond restuarants. I tend to get very over-stimulated and stressed out by the sheer number of new restaurants constantly opening in Richmond, not to mention the old ones I haven't been to yet. So it's always nice when I venture out to unknown territory.

On Friday night the boyfriend and I walked from my apartment to the Food Truck Food Court at the VA Historical society, which why hasn't this been a thing forever? It was a lovely evening, so we stopped next door to the VA Historical Society at my new favorite happy hour spot, the VMFA Best Cafe for a bottle of wine.

We sat outside here, and I am nothing if not a sucker for water side dining, even if the water is of the man-made variety. The grounds of the VMFA may be one of the coolest part of Richmond. It's also practically in my backyard, and I'm kicking myself for just now discovering this wonderful spot. Also hello $12 bottles of wine. 

Once we were all Pinot Grigio-ed up we walked over to the parking lot of the VMFA to find endless lines stretching from the trucks, especially the Boka Taco Truck, which is of course where I most wanted to try. We did end up waiting in line for quite the length of time, but oh it was worth it. Luckily for my indecisive self Boka offers the perfect solution-a sampler of their three main types of tacos-Asian, Mexican, and American.

We got our food and sat down, and oh sweet and holy Moses. I inhaled these three tacos. I'm not entirely sure I even chewed. And while doing so I went into complete food tunnel vision. The wind stopped. The crowd noises ceased. It was just me and my sweet, delicious tacos, and we were one and the same. If I sound rapt, it was because these tacos were just that good. Do yourself a favor and find their truck. I know I will. I will in fact be heretofore stopping school and work to pursue this truck with single minded determination. If you see the Boka Taco Truck, you will see me in my Ford Focus right behind it, every day, until the end of time.

Finally tonight I went with my best friend, Liz to the new Continental, where Phil's used to be. Okay so I was enraged when I found out Phil's was being forced to move (even it was just a block away). I grew up with Phil's. I used to go there after elementary school in my St. Bridget's plaid skirt and white button down and order club sandwiches and limeade. 

So I feel slightly like a traitor admitting that I really liked the new place. The menu is huge and has creative touches on it, like these yummy grilled barbecue oysters we split. There are lots of "classics" but re imagined with fun little twists. There are also a lot of healthier options like whole wheat pizza crust or turkey burgers (I got one of these and promptly devalued any healthiness by ordering a side of sweet potato fries). The beer selection is great. The patio is great. The inside has been spruced up with a larger bar. I dearly hope that Phil's is successful in its new spot, and it is sad that it had to move. But I can't deny that the Continental is fun and yummy, and I think it's going to do bonkers good business, if the massive crowd tonight was any indication.

So that was my weekend in food. Which will continue tomorrow at my family's easter celebration where  there will be lamb and fresh veggies from my aunt's farm and many, many desserts. And then Monday I'll get back on that whole reduced calorie bandwagon. At least until Tuesday night when the food truck food court comes back to the neighborhood :)

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