Friday, March 2, 2012

New apartment! (Part I)

So I thought I needed a decidedly more upbeat post after last night's sad face downer. I've been meaning to post pictures of my new apartment for the last two months but I kept waiting until I was "finished." Well I realized I am my mother's daughter and thus will never be "finished" with anywhere I live. There will always be a project to do, a wall to paint, curtains to be put up, etc. So I will update with any changes, but for now-meet my quirky, lovely, imperfect little apartment. She's a rather stately old lady, been around since circa 1918 (I dorkily love to envision the people who might have lived here in the 30s, 50s, 60s, etc.). But I've tried to soften her sharper corners, play up her best qualities, and make her my own.

This is what you see as soon as you walk in-and the grand tour-living room, bedroom in the back, kitchen to the right. I decided to rent this place based on what I saw when I walked in (and what I ignored-the gross furniture and mess that the previous owners lived in)-wood floors, lots of light, molding, good bones-all of those things you simply can't fake.

My design philosophy rule #1-if it's upholstered or a bed-go new, anything else, especially accents and accessories-go consignment, borrowed, old, and antique. Rule #2-neutral anchors in a room (couch, chair), surrounded by lots and lots of color. Couch and pillows from World Market. Chair from Blanket brought home from my trip to India. Trunk/coffee table from an estate sale. Rug from West Elm. Ottoman made by Mom.

Favorite part of the apartment is my giant windows that let in so much light and look out onto Monument Avenue. And I love that this apartment has giant window sills where I can keep all of my giant nursing text books. Carved wood elephant bookend from West End Antiques Mall. Coasters a housewarming gift from from Miss Christine Cadigan.

Old fan from estate sale. For the ottoman I picked out a heavy fabric from u-fab in the Fan and then my wonderful mother used the fabric to reupholster a set of old, black leather ottomans my parents had in their basement.

And it turned out like so :)

TV was a bday present from my parents. Book case from my parent's basement.

The "dining room/office" half of my living room. Design philosophy rule #3-pictures, pictures, and more pictures. Surround yourself with images of everything you love.

I bought this "table" from ikea to use as a desk-when I realized I had no room for a desk and that this blerg/furd/lourd desk was massive, I decided it was perfect as a kitchen table. Chairs from my parent's basement (sensing a theme?). Rug from iKea. Chuck Close portrait of Philip Glass from Spoleto Festival in Charleston.

The day I moved in I realized that there was one kitchen cabinet. One teeny, tiny kitchen cabinet. No kitchen closet or pantry. Just one, itty bitty, cabinet. Obviously this was a problem if I wanted to use plates and silverware. But I found a great solution in this antique pie safe from (say it with me!) my parent's basement.

Table from Whispers of Time Consignment on Lakeside. Pewter mirror from Pass It On Consignment on Lakeside.

Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion-my bedroom and kitchen/closet.


Mary Catherine said...

While looking at the pictures of your apartment, Tripp came and sat on my lap and goes "ohhhh!" Needless to say, he is impressed. :)

Kelly Ciancio said...

Using photos as accent pieces can make your room more personalized. It would also be nice to use photos you personally captured. It can be a landscape, a favorite vacation spot, or a portrait of your loved ones. Doing so adds a splash of color to your walls.

Rodger Ciliberto said...

Nice! Congratulations on your new apartment! You certainly have great taste when it comes to selecting your furniture. I really like it. Great job!

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