Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A few things.

A few things I am super pumped about doing this week:

1) Painting part of my kitchen this color:

It's "Fresno" by Benjamin Moore, and I love it. I've been super into coral for a while now and just waiting for a chance to use it and I think my horrible, no good, very bad kitchen (I say this with affection) is the perfect place. By God that kitchen will be livable by the time I leave this apartment. I may have to knock down a wall into my neighbor's apartment ala Lucille in Arrested Development, but it will be livable!

2) Buying herb plants to put outside my door on the fire escape. I may not have a garden or a porch or a real green space, but if I can grow basil outside my door, I will be very happy. I'm tentatively thinking of doing cherry tomatoes as well, but we shall see if that's too ambitious. My thumb has never been called green. 

3) Seeing The Hunger Games on Saturday to celebrate two very special Liz's birthdays (I am not one of those Liz's-it's not my birthday and I try to avoid talking about myself in the third person, or calling myself special).

I have read a couple of very promising reviews and I just have a feeling that this film will not break my heart like so many other book to movie adaptations have done. The casting feels right. What I've seen of sets and costumes feels right. I love these books, and I'm so prepared to love the movies. 

Side note: why is Josh Hutcherson SO tiny. I love him and think he'll be a great as sweet, sweet Peeta, but he is an elf, yes?

4) Losing one pound. Yes you heard me. After indulging more than a little over spring break (trip to NYC, both of my sibling's birthdays, St. Patty's day, etc), I felt the need to cleanse. And I am doing it with myfitnesspal.com. It's a great way to track calories and exercise. There was a time when a diet meant cutting out all carbs to lose 4 pounds in one week. But I am fully committed to the slow and steady, take in less calories than you burn (this website makes it even simpler, adding extra calories to your day for working out, with a selectable database of almost every food you can think of), approach to (slight) weight loss that is the ONLY THING THAT WORKS PEOPLE. So for the next few weeks, if I can average a pound a week I will be happy. Just in time for the food fest that will be my alumni weekend in Charleston in May :)

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