Monday, February 7, 2011


Between 19 credits of nursing coursework, my freelance work for, new duties as part of the Richmond Theatre Critics Circle, babysitting jobs, twice weekly physical therapy, five times a week work out sessions, and well lot's not forget, a hefty TV watching schedule to keep up with, life has been pretty crazy lately. I'm not complaining. I'm incredibly grateful for all of those things, but I feel like the second I get a free moment I realize I should be writing emails/studying/doing stuff on Blackboard. I've sort of forgotten how to choose to be lazy every once in a while. For so long I could be lazy because I had nothing to do, especially when I wasn't working. Now it takes real effort, concentration, and planning. Which I guess goes against the whole point of being lazy but such is life.

Anyways, my rambling point is that I apologize if my blog posts have been slightly sporadic.

Tonight I can't really offer much in the way of reflection/silliness, other than to say that today at Starbucks I was behind a sixty something couple in line. The woman ordered a caramel macchiato with exactly SEVEN pumps of caramel. The man ordered a green tea latte frappucino thingie, with exactly FOUR scoops of macha powder. They weren't obnoxious about it, just beautifully and sweetly batty in that older person kind of way, like I've been on this earth long enough where I'll have my dainty, sugar coma inducing Starbucks drink exactly how I darn well want it! And I'm not gonna give a fart about what other people think.

As I ordered my own lame nonfat latte (without any fun flavors or whip cream), I realized they were kind of my heroes.

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