Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Mmmmm. Is there anything more satisfying on a chilly February night than a big, spicy bowl of chicken pho and one large, cold Belgian style beer?

Methinks not. I heart Mekong. I pretty much heart anywhere that serves any style of Asian food, from Indian to Vietnamese to Thai to Japanese. I love it all. I cannot believe I used to not like Asian food when I was little. Although really I think I was just a naive little fart who ate ketchup on her tacos and didn't know what Asian food truly was, the sharp, vibrant flavors, the bright, crisp colors in every spoonful or bite. It is a veritable dance party for the taste buds.

That reminds me, if I ever start either a restaurant or a band I want it to be called taste bud dance party. But seriously if I were a taste bud in an American mouth I would go through the day all, meh. But then all of a sudden I'm a taste bud at an Asian restaurant and it is like WEEEEEE! Spice, sour, acidic- all simultaneous, all loud and big and delicious.


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