Sunday, October 4, 2009

liz never:

thought she would grow so attached to Bangkok, a city of traffic and smog and crowds and prositutues and ping pong shows that also happens to be a city of:

-Egyptian restuarants with hookahs and hummus and tables full of Middle Eastern men with five o'clock shadows watching football

-"little middle east"-a hodge podge of streets and sois and alleys full of falafel and flat bread and women in burkas

-rain that comes from nowhere, rain that stops everything in its path, rain that demands to be listened to

-Irish bars where graying men watch football matches while young men chat with Thai women over pints of beer, all the while thick, milk shake like Guinness flows freely from the taps

-outside tables where two Thai men and three American women sit and sip ice, cold Chang beers and talk about unimportant, inconsequential things, and even as we understand how unimportant our conversation is all of us know how inexplicably meaningful it is as well, the fact that somehow these people from opposite ends of the globe sat down side by side on this night in this country and decided to talk to one another, sharing nothing outrightly importantly, sharing a million unimportant things

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