Saturday, February 7, 2009

i want to go to there

Mad Men
's Jon Hamm. This past Thursday's episode of 30 Rock. Too awesome...must form complete sentence...but can't...too distracted by the mental image of a floppy haired, messenger bag wearing, cupcake baking, imaginary dog rescuing, glasses wearing, GORGEOUS specimen of man that is Mr. Don Draper playing Tina Fey (!)'s new love interest/attempted date rape victim.

You see, John Hamm as Don Draper, well he um, gets me a little, ahem, hot and bothered. Those suits, that hair, the frigid and slightly terrifying masculinity. But John Hamm in real life is somehow even better. Have you seen those Gap ads?! And from the interviews I've watched he's hilarious, like really funny and almost a little dorky which if you'd only seen him in Mad Men you would never even think possible, because Don Draper is many things, but a dork is not one of them. But he is kind of a dork, in that very adorable and self deprecating way. And his role in 30 Rock is almost just a complete send up of how insanely perfect John Hamm is. Anyone who looks like him should be a sociopath (the aforementioned Don Draper) or at the very least gay. But he's very much neither on 30 Rock (and hopefully neither in real life). He's just this beauitful man who owns an ice cream maker and gives to charities and rents Muppets Take Manhattan. Of course Liz Lemon steals his mail, hatches an evil plan of seduction and roofies him. Who wouldn't?!

And if you're somehow not convinced of the utter hotness and perfection that is Jon Hamm. Then well, just please watch this.

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