Thursday, February 26, 2009

an announcement and a wish

an announcement=

I am going to Thailand in May to teach English to little Thai children. I will be there at least 5 months. It's very exciting, and I waited a solid two months to find out and I would sound more enthusiastic if little Elli Grace hadn't so thoroughly worn me out today (she walks more and more every day, which means I spend more and more time running after her in a stooped over position with an arm on either side to prevent said child from breaking herself and/or breaking assorted household items). So since I'm too tired to convey my enthusiasm, I will just say that when I close my eyes at night I think of a not too distant future that may hold this.

And this. There is almost nothing I want more in life than to ride an elephant. And Thailand may be the best bet I ever have to do just that.

a wish=

When I grow up I want to go live at Cesar Milan's Dog Psychology Center. I want to hang out with the "pack"and maybe become best friends with Cesar. I think he could teach me a lot about life. And I don't think I could ever be sad if I was always surrounded by puppies. That is all.

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