Thursday, December 4, 2008


 Still homeless but only for another hour or so more. And then all of the little flea monsters will be dead and I can sleep in my own bed and make dinner in my own kitchen and just frolick about in my own house finally!
I am already planning a blissful night of homemade ceasar salad (with homemade salad dressing of course), a little Office and 30 Rock action, followed by the ten most fascinating people Barbara Walters special that I mean to watch every year but always forget about. But tonight I am sitting down at 10pm to watch Babs talk to people who I either love (Michael Phelps, Tina Fey), hate (Sarah Palin), would love if I was a twelve year old girl but since I am not I only have mild apathy mixed with a teensy bit of annoyance toward (Miley Cyrus), or am just confused by (oh Tom Cruise, how you have changed since those halcyon days from Top Gun to Jerry Maguire). To summarize. I am fully prepared to be fascinated.

And I cannot wait to enjoy all of this from the comfort of my own townhouse. I'm sorry Summerville, you gave me sanctuary from hordes of miniscule bugs, but you just can't compare to my lovely little home on the marsh.

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