Tuesday, January 1, 2008


See, I knew 2008 was going to be a surprising kind of year. Shortly after my last little post, I was kidnapped/rescued by my best-friend MK, forced to actually put on real clothes and make-up for the first time since Friday, and taken to join some of my other friends at Richmond's newest New Years tradition, the big shindig in Carytown. I stayed kind to my stomach and did not force feed it any booze, but even if I had wanted to I wouldn't have been able to push my way through the masses to the booze stands or carts or whatever they were. We arrived shortly after 11:40pm, and were able to push our way in to just beyond the periphery of Cary street. I didn't go to this thing last year, but from what I've heard it's grown in size a lot in just one year. I've never seen anything like it in Richmond. Just a giant people sandwich as far as the eye can see, paramedics perched on top of their trucks keeping an eye out for drunken shenanigans or trampling induced injuries, tons of horse police standing in wait, people on the tops of roofs (i was just waiting for one of these drunkards to take a tumble) and a dancing, singing drag queen in the VIP area (what goes by an average boutique by day) to our right. There was a tiny little ball at the top of the Byrd, and at times a little section of the crowd parted enough for me to see it, but mainly I was trying to keep both feet planted on the ground and not start involuntarily crowd surfing. Apparently Richmond can get rowdy. And I for one am glad I got to see it and glad I got to be with friends at midnight. So an unexpected start to 2008. Here's hoping for more unexpectedness to come :)

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