Monday, February 18, 2013

A really good weekend.

On Thursday I saw this,

Mumford and Sons. Live. In person. With my eyeballs. And my ears. And my mind grapes. Rob and I went up to Fairfax for Valentine's Day, and I am no mushy Valentine's person but this, this was perfect. Champagne + a quick cheeseburger and fries at the hotel bar + a ginormous beer at the concert + a concert tee (oh how I love my concert tees) + the gentleman also known as Mumford and Sons. They have fast become one of my favorite bands in the last couple of years, and that status only increased after seeing them live. One of the rare bands that is incredible on a CD and better live. Just this giant, British ball of energy and talent and suspenders and white button up shirts. One of the best concerts I've been to without question.

Saturday we hung out in DC.

Walked from sister's neighborhood Cleveland Park to a really cool place in Dupont for lunch, a modern take on a Jewish deli called DGS Delicatessen.

Had knish and a white fish salad bagel. Never eaten either of those two things before. The verdict=yummmmm (and kosher to boot!)

After lunch we spent the next few hours with my sister, niece, and baby nephew at my favorite place in DC. The zoo (yes I am a child). When I was briefly my niece's nanny back when she was a teeny baby (get misty just thinking about it), I took her to the zoo in her sling almost every day. Being outside in the sling was one of the few times when she wouldn't scream. We would wander around for content hours, her bundled in the sling, me with a large Starbucks coffee. I would happily look at all the animals. She would inevitably fall asleep. I would point out the baby gorilla. She would keep sleeping. It was a good arrangement. And I will always have lovely memories of our walks there.

Friday was a gorgeous day, so we spent a couple of hours there (the DC zoo is so huge and fun you could easily spend 12 hours and not see everything). Lemma pointed out all "her" animals (she lives almost next door so it's basically her backyard and the animals are her pets). We saw the giant pandas munching on bamboo. We went to the invertebrate house, because Lemma loves the anemones (doesn't sound very exciting, but octupuses and jellyfish are surprisingly cool). We watched the big cats (my second favorite animals there after the gorillas) for a while. We walked up the North American trail and saw all the perky, active animals (must have been the nice weather break) like wolves and beavers and seals. It was a good way to spend a nice afternoon in DC.

After a Two Amy's (some of my favorite pizza) dinner at my sister and brother-in-law's apartment we headed back to Richmond. The rest of the weekend was spent studying and doing school work, but Thursday and Friday were a perfect little mini-weekend, and the stress relief I desperately needed.

Because school is crazy this semester. Crazy and cool (I saw a baby get birthed y'all, more on that later). Which is why I am writing so sporadically. But am going to try to do better. Pinky swear. Hope you all had equally lovely Valentine's Days and weekends.

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