Thursday, August 30, 2012

Major Life Dream. (check)

About this time tomorrow night, I will be here, at a night match in Arthur Ashe Stadium at the US Flippin' Open in New York City. And I honestly can't make myself believe it's real.

I don't get pumped up for the start of football season. I rarely watch the World Series. I could care less about NBA basketball. But this, professional tennis, this is one of my truest and most enduring passions in life. This, to me, is sacred, hallowed ground. It has been my dream to go to a grand slam event practically my entire life. It has specifically been a dream to go to the US Open, to our country's grand slam, to one of the biggest events in tennis.

I cannot even count the number of nights I've stayed up late, sitting on the edge of my couch or my bed, regardless of if I had school or work the next day, shredding my fingernails down to nothing, trying to will a player to win through my TV screen. I think of all the silent cheers and dances I've done, while my family or roommates slept, when that last point is won, when the last ball hits the court.

I get to go there tomorrow. I get to go here, to Arthur Ashe, to the US Open, to this place that means so much to me as a tennis fan, which without even having set foot here, holds hundreds of memories of anguish and triumph.

I get to go to the US Open.

Thank you life :)

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