Thursday, January 6, 2011

And now for the real resolutions

I just couldn't leave the night on that last, very depressing, ahem, self-pitying post. Because one of my resolutions is to try and avoid the negative energy that took over so much of the first eight moths of last year and turned me into a person I didn't like very much. So here are my positive, good energy resolutions for this year, in no particular order:

-work out four times a week
-run a 10k (or at the very least a run/walk combo)
-do more yoga
-not obsess about what I eat, but also eat generally "healthier", whatever that really means
-no diets
-not become so health conscious that I can't enjoy a) a good Mexican dinner or b) chocolate
-write as much as possible (on this blog but more importantly fiction)
-be more open
-be less materialistic (i.e. shop LESS)
-travel outside of the US (even if I have to drive to Canada to accomplish this)
-be a better friend/daughter/sister/person (yes, this one is vague, but it never hurts)
-less People magazine, more Atlantic
-learn how to say "no"
-find ways to challenge myself and do things that scare me, especially things that scare me
-be brave, be good, be kind

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