Sunday, October 24, 2010

i am a mac.

After seven years of PC-ing, I have done it. I've switched to a Mac, specifically a MacBook Pro which I'm sure a computer geek could describe in loving, exact detail. But I'll just say it's really shiny. And it makes swooshing noises. And it's speedy. And there's this thing called Garage Band which I'm fairly sure I can take guitar lessons on, which whoa, just whoa. I've had this new toy for about four hours and already my mind is just blown by the awesomeness.

Also I will be back to my regular posting schedule now. Not having a computer for the last couple of weeks has made the whole blogging thing difficult. But now all I want to do is play on my new computer. I would bequeath my first born child to this computer if it was legally allowed. Hell if humans and computers could get married, I may have proposed by now. I am now officially in the cult of Apple. And the Kool Aid tastes FANTASTIC.

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