Thursday, March 19, 2009

something wonderful

Chad Lindsay, the "Subway Hero" after he rescued a man from the tracks

So first of all sorry to whoever reads these blogs (all three of you :) ) that I haven't written any new posts recently. I was away last weekend in Charleston (which was awesome for my poor homesick heart but which also made my poor homesick heart miss it all the more, if that's even possible), and I've been utterly exhausted by my full time nanny job (although the cute, little fourteen month is basically my new favorite person on the planet), and blah di blah, lots of excuses and justifications. And unfortunately this is not even going to be a real post, more of just a mini-post, a post-it if you will (wow I found that way too funny when I wrote it-again I contribute this to nanny related exhaustion). I promise to write more soon. I have lots of things and thoughts and randoms floating around in my busy, neurotic little head which are just begging to get out. But right now I just thought I'd share something,

Something wonderful and something beautiful and something heart warming and something faith affirming and something cheerful and something kind and unexpected and hopeful and decent and human.

And right now isn't that just what we need? I for one can't really handle too much more of this. I need a break from doom and gloom and corrupt CEOs and infuritating bonuses and homeless Americans in tent cities and Mexican death tolls and North Korean missiles and Chinese submarines and that terrible, octo-mom who just won't go away.

I needed this. I needed to hear the simple, straightforward and unassumingly heroic story of Chad Lindsey who no hesitation, jumped onto subway tracks in NYC to save a man's life. And I needed to see him and hear him talk and be just so utterly humble and decent. I found this clip from the Rachel Maddow show on and this (hot!) and goofy and normal and brave New York subway hero just reminds me that headlines and news stories only tell a tiny fraction of our human story. Please watch this because I guarantee you it will make you feel better about life.


Unknown said...

Speaking on behalf of the other 2 people that read your blog regularly, thank you! I've been missing it. Another thought: I love him and think you should marry him.

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