Thursday, April 17, 2008


Because I couldn't have said it better myself. Although I do have to continue my own rant a little further. Because seriously? What the hell is wrong with our country where a negative campaign attack can center around a candidate being elitist, when a candidate tries to make his or herself more appealing by acting the part of the average American? I don't want an average American for president. Because we're not voting for a common man/woman. Can't we all agree that we want someone uncommon, someone great? Jon Stewart is right. Presidents should be "embarrassingly superior" to the rest of us. They should use words we've never heard of, speak seventeen languages, excel at rocket science as well as literary scholarship. They should know the detailed history of Yemen just as well as they know American history. Hell they should be able to talk to animals, levitate objects with their minds, and design a french fry powered space ship. All hyperbole aside, the point is that the president of the United States is unquestionably the most powerful person in this nation, and arguably the most powerful person in the entire world. So why the frick do we have this rhetoric now a days of beer swilling, shot gun toting, "everyday" presidents? What went wrong that made us stop seeing the leader of this nation as the culmination of our collective possibility? And don't people realize they're insulting themselves when they talk about mainstream America or the heartland as something common and simple. Can we stop catering to the so called Nascar demographic or soccer moms? These people aren't idiots yet the media and everyone else has deemed them unresponsive to any candidate who dare use a multi syllable word or make a frank statement about the status of American values. So for the last time can we, us everyday Americans, prove everyone wrong and vote for a president who is elite, who we would never grab a beer with because he or she would bore us to death talking about things we've never even heard of. This isn't a party planner for the local frat house we're talking about people. It's the leader of the free world! So if I hear one more person say, "well President Bush is so cute. He seems like such a fun guy" I'm going to slap them right upside the head. Clearly fun and cute don't pay dividends when it comes to leading the world's hegemonic power. Eloquent, competent, cerebral - those things might.

And rant ended.

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