Friday, July 23, 2010

Inception: Quick Take

I saw Inception tonight, and I was so prepared to leave confused and frustrated and disapointed, because so many of these hyped up summber blockbuster movies leave you just that way. And it's late so I'll keep this short and write in more detail at another time, but...

I can't stop thinking about this movie. It's no spoiler to say that it's a film about dreams, and I feel the way you feel when you wake up from a deep and vivid dream. I was submerged in something beautiful and poetic and strange, and even as the real world dims the dream one, all I want to do is stay asleep.

This movie was sad and exciting and whizz bang fun and intricate and entertaining as hell. For two and a half hours I was in the dream of Inception, a fluid, surreal world to which I can't wait to return.

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