Monday, July 12, 2010

Boys of Summer

I really never thought I would say this, but USA Network has become my ultimate source for fictional summer man candy. I really don't think there's much I have to say here. Presenting the trifecta.

Jeffrey Donovan from Burn Notice.

Mark Feuerstein from Royal Pains (btw his character in the movie, In Her Shoes, is who I want my husband to be, the end)

And last, but in no means least, well, just look...

Matt Bomer from White Collar

I never used to watch USA. I associated this network mainly with Law and Orders reruns and dog shows. But these three shows are all so flipping watchable and addictive, like mindless television crack. And they're also so very, very pretty.

Thank you USA Network. You've done this nation a great service.

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