Sunday, December 7, 2008

boo sundays

How far past formal education do you have to get before Sundays stop feeling like a death sentence? With my current lack of a typical Monday through Friday, 9-5 kind of job, Sundays really aren't any different from the rest of my week. Yet every time they roll around I feel this vague but still very present pit of apathy and dread in my stomach. Is it a Pavlovian thing? After twenty some years, have Sundays become inseparable in my mind from the soul killing reality that is the beginning of the school week on Monday morning? Because despite the fact that I have no school tomorrow, nor will I probably ever have a school week again, I wake up on Sunday and can't help but feel that old stirring of blah. And although I hope for the contrary, I'm not so sure that will ever go away. A fourth of a human life is spent in school. For a fourth of our lives we spend Sundays doing homework of finishing up that big project or reading monotonous chapters in text books. Sundays, unlike those joyous, endless, golden Saturdays, go by in a millisecond. We wake up and before we know it only a night of sleep separates the last fading moments of a weekend from the vast wasteland of the week ahead. And so because of this, because of how firmly I associate Sundays with gloom and doom and a blinking cursor on an empty computer page or a blank piece of loose leaf which should be full of math problems, because of all of these things I still have a hard time feeling anything but blerg when it comes to Sundays.

The only things that may solve my Sunday blues-Chinese food (sorry diet-crab fried wontons and dumplings from Chopsticks downtown are calling my name); good television (maybe not as good as when Grey's Anatomy came on Sundays and was actually good-but there's Brothers and Sisters plus the weekly House marathon on USA), a nice glass of super chilled Pinot Grigio, and the very beginning stages of a plan I really and truly hope comes to fruition-I won't give too much away until it's closer to being real, but let's just say it involves a beautiful and far away country to the East that I have never been to, but which has been hovering in my thoughts for some time.

PS. I finally went to the Angel Oak today because it was way too gorgeous to stay inside all afternoon. And yeah, it's pretty darn cool. Sure, it may just be a giant tree-but as far as giant trees go this one was kinda awesome. Although it would have been even cooler if I had been able to climb it.

(from the Angel Oak website and thus not my own picture-I took ones but was too lazy to upload them)

PPS. Watched the Parade of Boats on Saturday from the deck of Fleet Landing. And I've decided that humans really do lose their souls when in a crowd. Me and my friend stood back by the bar, away from where people were you know, paying good money to sit at a table and eat, a table which they had reserved expressly for the purpose of watching the boat parade. Despite the fact that our view was partially obstructed, we kept our distance because we have a little thing called self control and a sense of propriety. Yet when the parade started a horde of people pushed past us and crowded all of those poor people at tables. Like they might as well have just pulled up a chair and a fork and dug right in. So even though the parade was lovely and Christmasy, we were a little distracted by all the big jerk faces (all adults mind you), who decided it was worth a better view to ruin someone else's dining experience and make it impossible for the waiters to get by with food. I came to the conclusion that these people must have been from out of town (as in not from the south-and I'm not counting Florida as being a part of the south). Now this might offend some, but let me assure you that I am the first to admit that Southerners have our faults. However a lack of manners is not one of them. But I digress. It was a very nice parade and I'm glad I'm fully taking advantage of my (at least for a little while) last Christmas in Charleston. My favorite out of all the boats-the canoes with the light up paddles. Simple, understated, awesome.

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