Sunday, December 21, 2008

71 pages

Okay so forgive me now if this is going to come off as some sort of pretentious would-be writer moment, because believe me I still get a little red in the face if I even refer to myself as a writer because well, for whatever reason it's one of those professions where it's hard to be open about unless you're successful. It's not like exterminators only call themselves exterminators if they kill a certain amount of bugs per year, or accountants stop being accountants if they have a slow month. But saying out loud that you're a writer is just one of those things that carries with it a certain amount of self importance, whether it's merely perceived that way by others or if writers are just naturally self important species is really up to personal opinion. But in my good, less self conscious moments I can call myself a writer. Not because I get a regular income from it or because I think I'm the awesomest writer to ever write, but because well it's really my only skill. God did not give with both hands when I was born and I'm okay with that, because really, I think it would be exhausting to be one of those multi-talented people who can be a brain surgeon by day and a concert pianist by night. When would you sleep? But really the whole point of this blog was to announce that I have written 71 pages of a fiction thingy. I call it a fiction thingy because it's too long to be a short story and if I called it a novel then I would be pretentious. Novels in my opinion are not novels until they are read by others and possibly even published. Same goes for books. So for now it's just a long fiction thingy. And for whatever 71 pages struck me as a really long length. Not for any professional writer of course, but I've only ever written short stories which usually top out at around 20-25 pages. So to have written something that is 71 pages (and still in its early stages), makes me really happy. Whether it's crap or not at least it means I can stick with a character and a story for longer than what I've done in the past, and not get sick of them and kick them to the curb after the honeymoon period. So woo!

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