Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Top Chef observations.

So since there's still about six minutes left of this episode, I'll go ahead and call this a live blog. But I had a few observations I had to share.

1) Jimmy Fallon is absolutely adorbs. He is like a little ray of sunshine isn't he? I mean he always seemed like a fun guy on SNL, but he is seriously the sweetest, most enthusiastic person ever-as evidenced by how he acted this episode-I mean he got an ice cream cake for his birthday and dude acted like, well, like how I would act upon receiving an ice cream cake. But he's famous! He should be jaded and over it, like I'm not going to eat this ice cream cake unless it's made of truffles and smothered in gold. But instead he just seemed like an overgrown eight year old, in the cutest possible way.

2) When did Top Chef become Biggest Loser in the product placement department? So the chefs just happened to decide to cook Buitoni (sp?) brand lobster ravioli and talk in detail about how much they loooove Butioni brand lobster ravioli. Really? These are professional chefs. In real life they would probably spit on Buitoni brand lobster ravioli and use it to wash their hands before they cook real pasta (or something like that). Really it was silly and shameless. You're better than that Top Chef. Although as I see commercials for next week's Target with a capital T sponsored challenge, maybe you're not.

3) Top Chef is trying to make me fat. During the course of this episode I ate a hefty portion of these AWESOME 100% whole wheat, organic chips that are basically the healthier cousin of Cool Ranch Doritos (which, to digress just a bit, I think I heard angels singing when I tasted these chips and realized that they were a HEALTHY version of COOL RANCH DORITOS), and then a spoonful of peanut butter with some chocolate chips. Now as some earlier blogs might have suggested, I try to be a generally healthy person. As a rule I really try to not eat spoonfuls of peanut butter covered in chocolate chips. But then I watch Top Chef and they are making frozen banana chocolate fondu thingies and pulled pork sandwiches and pot pies and come on! How could that not make a person hungry? So yeah maybe tonight won't go down as the healthiest night of my life. But you know what? Every once in a while it's nice to see that chubby little kid in me who ate the real Cool Ranch Doritos every day after school with a side of Oreos and Coke isn't completely gone. She's neatly tucked away, but I didn't kill her with my newfound emphasis on health. Which is good.

Because really what's the point of life if you don't eat a spoonful of peanut butter covered in chocolate chips every once in a while?

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