Wednesday, February 16, 2011

holy baby animal cuteness batman.

I spent seven straight hours of my life at a community college this morning/afternoon so I'm not going to be super eloquent tonight. Really it's a feat that I'm upright at all. But I just wanted to share the amazingness that is this video of a baby gorilla taking its first steps. If you know me at all you know my abiding love for all baby animals, but in particular baby gorillas. When I lived in DC nannying for my baby niece I took her to see the baby gorilla at the National Zoo almost every day. I would park her stroller facing the glass, and think to myself, kid, this is your future. Not that I thought my niece would one day fling poop at people. Wait, no scratch that, at that time she was often flinging poop at people. But at the time my niece was a little infant, and the baby gorilla there was about toddler equivalent. And in almost every way that baby gorilla looked and acted like a toddler (minus the being naked and hairy part). It hung off the older gorillas, constantly wanting attention. It took long naps. It excelled at being adorable.

I think all gorillas are awesome ( yet another reason why I am like Liz Lemon if anyone has seen the episode where she longs to quit her job to go study "those noble beasts"), but the babies, well just look for yourself:

I came across this on the New York Magazine website tonight, and in about .2 seconds I went from oh this is cute to WEEPING, like this was my child sprung forth from my loins and I was watching it take its first adorable little steps. That may have something to with the fact that I am really, really tired. But it's just so amazing isn't it? The moral of this story is I want a baby gorilla.

And if that isn't enough cuteness for you here's a video of the new baby lions at the National Zoo. I'm sorry if this blog has become Liz's Cute Animal Corner, but COME ON. Look at those baby lions and try not to dissolve into a sappy mess. Especially the part where they basically throw one in the little moat around the lion enclosure to make sure it doesn't drown. The lion's expression is perfectly "dude what is wrong with you f-ing people? You just threw me into a MOAT."

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