Thursday, February 12, 2009

some things apparently (and comfortingly) never change

So I've been back at home for more than a month now, after four plus years of living on my own in Charleston. And there have been times when I want to scream, pull my hair out, gather all of my worldly possessions (or at least just my laptop and panda) and go live in my car rather than get nagged about leaving laundry in the hall too long or keeping too many dishes in my room. There are times when I desperately miss living in my own apartment, having the simple pleasure of keeping my own house-being the one to shop for all groceries and adjust the thermostat and yes, even clean. But then there are times when I really love living with my parents again-the homecooked meals (thank you mama!), the coffee pot always full when I wake up, the whole not having to pay rent or utilities thing (minor detail I know).

And today when I came home from work I saw something that just completely comforted my soul. My mom is out of town visiting my dad (where he works, they're not divorced, long story). She left a note on the refrigerator listing in detail the ready to eat and frozen foods she had left for me (23 years and several months) and my brother (25 plus) to eat while she's gone. For her two grown and often ungrateful children my mother baked a tuna casserole and prepared a salmon salad and pickled carrots (sounds gross but they're delicious) and left frozen chicken and steaks in the freezer. Now this might make us sound pathetic, but I don't see it this way. Realistically she knows we could feed ourselves. Neither of us have ever starved when left to our own devices. At the very least both of us have the ability to pick up carry out or call delivery. But my lovely mother simply did something kind and wonderfully maternal. And kind and maternal gestures are often completely unnecessary and completely take us back to that childlike place where we are safe and taken care of.

So basically the moral of this story is that I should stop bitching so much and just appreciate living at home for as long as I'm here.

Laundry nagging and all.

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