Sunday, February 15, 2009

random observations from a sunday (and monday)

You know how there are those actors that you will watch no matter what they're in, even if it looks like the worst movie in history, say an all claymation re-make of Pearl Harbor or a musical version of Schindler's List. Well for me one of those actors is Shia Labeouf. I think he's absolutely fabulous. Not only is he stunningly talented, he's transitioned from an awkward teenager to a pretty freaking smokin' grown man. I distinctly remember watching Even Stevens when I was little and thinking that kid's got something. And I know that sounds like one of those hokey things that everyone says after a person has made it big, but I really thought he was a special talent, even back then. And I've followed his career since those Disney Channel days, from Holes (one of my all time favorite movies) to A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints (another great film-if you havent' seen it please check it out) to the new Indiana Jones (not such a great film, unfortunately, I mean aliens!? that's sacrilege in the Indiana Jones universe George Lucas, even if you did create it). And this morning I watched his most recent film, Eagle Eye. Now if this movie had starred most anyone else I would never have given it a second look. I'm not so big on techno conspiracy thrillers. But because it was Shia, I bought it OnDemand. And yeah it's kind of a formulaic, silly thing, but I really enjoyed it, again mostly because of Shia. He's one of those actors I would watch read the phone book. I watched Distrubia because of him. And I hate scary movies, like really, really hate them and go out of my way to avoid them. I can't even watch previews for scary movies. But I sat through the whole creepy thing and again, really enjoyed it. So pretty much no matter what direction Shia Labeouf's career goes in, I'm going to follow. I'm just praying he doesn't decide his true passion is film noir or slasher films or ninja movies or something. Because well, I'll probably watch even those if Shia's in them.

My new favorite line of skin care products is Say Yes to Carrots. I actually got a box full of the stuff way back in the summer of 2007 when I interned at V Magazine for Women. The editor said I was welcome to the products because she'd gotten them for free (one of the perks of working for a magazine-free goodies). And I tried a couple of them then, like the elbow and hand cream (turns your skin into absolute silk) and the body butter (turns your skin into something beyond silk-like silk made of butter). But I didn't try the rest of the stuff until today. And because I was in a pampering mood, I used the manicure salt scrub and the hair mask and they're just as amazing as the other products I'd tried. The manicure salt made my hands softer than they've ever been, which is saying something considering they've been really dry lately now that I'm away from the humid Charleston air. They all smell awesome and are made from all natural ingredients like dead sea mud and well, carrots, and tons of other edible ingredients you can I'm sure find out about from the website. But I love the stuff and best of all it's really affordable. You can get it at Target and Walgreens. I may not be a skin care expert and I've definitely not tried half of the fancy stuff at department stores, but I do know what works for my skin (Clinique and Neutrogena can do no wrong). And Say Yes to Carrots definitely works for my skin in awesome, pampering ways.

So I've sort of been on a shopping streak (which is bad considering I'm trying to save all of my money for a possible foray to Thailand), buttt I have found some amazing spring-ish things. Here's a brief sampling.

A pretty yellow scarf from Gap. It's solid and very basic but really sweet. Normally I avoid yellow like the plague (I'm blond and I tend to think it's a bad idea to match anything with one's hair) but I've been obsessed with the idea of having a yellow scarf ever since I saw Slumdog Millionaire.

Now I know I'm no Frieda Pinto and I don't have the gorgeous dark skin and features to really pull off yellow. But even if it may not look the best on me, I couldn't resist the cheerful burst of color that is a yellow scarf.

A pretty necklace from J. Crew. I searched for a picture but couldn't find one. But it's one of those long, layering necklaces that you can pair with a simple tee and suddenly class up a whole outfit. It has a gold chain and little grayish loops and little crystals and it's really fun. Plus it brings my grand total of necklaces up to one. I am not a jewelry person. I like earrings and bracelets, but usually if I put on a necklace I always feel like I'm some kind of imposter or just a little girl playing dress up. I don't know why and I love necklaces on other people, but for whatever reason I have a hard time wearing them. So I'm excited because now I have a necklace I really love and that I'll really feel like myself when wearing.

A new pair of jeans from J. Crew. I adore J. Crew denim, like if I could only buy one pair of jeans for the rest of my life it would be J. Crew jeans. They fit me great. They're super comfy and if bought at the outlet like I did today, they are really, awesomely affordable.

And a few other things that I really love and which make me very happy to now have in my closet. What can I say, I'm a girl, a girl who loves to shop. Plus I'm doing my patriotic duty and investing some money in our poor little, struggling retail economy. Or at least that's what I tell myself to drown out any guilty, nagging feelings that my money would have been better saved than spent.

And last but not least I am very excited right now because tonight I kind of recreated an awesome salad I had at Can Can last weekend. It's pretty simple, but the Can Can menu just calls it a roast chicken salad with cumin and lime aioli. I used lemon instead of lime with mayo, cumin, green onions and a little bit of dill and it tasted very much like what I had at the restaurant. So wohoo! Instead of spending 12 dollars for a restaurant salad I can make the same thing for about 5 dollars worth of ingredients.

And that's about it for my random observations. I'm sure I'll be back with more.

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