Monday, April 19, 2010

This does not bode well for the day when I'm a mother...

So hanging out with an (almost) four month old all day long, things get (shockingly) a wee bit boring. I mean we have fun. We go to the zoo and look at the pandas and gorillas, sometimes even the small mammals if I'm feeling really crazy. We go get fro-yo or lattes from Starbucks (and by we I mean Lemma too, I mean it's okay to put frozen yogurt and espresso directly into a baby bottle right?)

I kid. But really, I love my niece and I love being able to watch TV all day long and taking walks and all of that. But from time to time I'm a little bored. And what have I done to cure that boredom? Online shopping is what I've done. Lots of it. Currently there are four books from Amazon flying their way to my house along with four American Apparel T-Shirts. And tomorrow when the Ann Taylor Loft 30% off sale kicks in, I just know I'll end up ordering this gorgeous red scarf I've had my eye on for quite some time.

And well yeah, that's a lot of stuff. I realize this. But this is me as a temporary nanny. I get a break at night when my sister and brother-in-law get home. So just think what will happen when I'm a real mother and I can't just hand over the kid at the end of the day or on the weekends. I am going to be one of those hoarder people, surrounded by UPS boxes. My kids will get lost for days in enormous piles of packing peanuts.

This is not a good habit.

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