Saturday, February 20, 2010

beautiful things

Oh if I only had a million (or two, or three) dollars, I would buy these looks from Oscar de la Renta's NYC fashion week show (and one from Christian Siriano's),

I'm sorry PETA, but if I could have this whole outfit, I would wear fur. Isn't it just so wonderfully soft and Russian, two adjectives I would not normally put together.

And if I had this outfit I would attempt to wear orange, something I NEVER do, because, well, I would look like a pasty pumpkin. But for this orange, for this dress, I would risk it.

Can I please have this dress in every single color, so I can wear it every single night of my life?

Same goes for this one. It's gorgeous and lovely and just so, so fun!

Holy Moses how gorgeous is this dress? If I owned it I would never take it off. I would go running in it. I would get married in it. It's just beyond words.


It's big and pink and fluffy and normally I would run away from all of those things, but not in this case. In this case I would run with this dress (because I would have stolen it, probably right off this model) and never stop.

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